Setting up shop.

I’d had my name down for a while around the Detroit Metro area for a hangar. There was a four year waiting list at the time, when I got a call from Jeffrey Meek at Black Eagle Aviation, asking if I would be interested in a new hangar at Willow Run YIP. I went down and checked it out, and signed up. This was a year prior to even starting the project. I couldn’t turn this one down really. It was brand new, and I knew we’d need it eventually, so I bit the bullet.

We spent some time building a 12’x4′ work table that was solid and level. It’s really heavy, and isn’t going anywhere! It’s been nice to have such a big table. You can work on some pretty big stuff without it hanging off any of the sides. Underneath makes some pretty useful storage too for delicate skins for example.

We got some gorilla rack shelving for our power tools, and we ordered up the RV Builders kit from Avery. We also hung up a lot of fluorescent lights. Good lighting really helps out. These hangars a generally pretty dark. These really brightened the place up. What’s more, they’re only $5 a piece from Orange Hell (Home Depot).

We built a paint booth. This was our first attempt at a ‘stressed skin’ structure. We used flimsy wood for the frame. Boy was it flimsy too. By the time we’d gotten the plastic on it, it was pretty rigid. We enclosed all the sides, and also double lined the floor to protect the new epoxy on the hangar floor. We put a box fan outlet with electrostatic filter, and an electric heater inlet to warm the place up when it was cold outside.

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