Fuselage 2

Didn’t take any pictures of us actually laying on the topcoat, but here are some finished shots. The grey matches the middle of the seats. Coincidence? Nope. The panel will be a darker grey that matches the outside of the seats. These seats are made by DJ at Cleaveland Tool. The quality is excellent, and I’m really happy with them. Dave hasn’t seen any of this in the flesh yet! Poor Dave!

Working on the front fuselage area now, and got most of it sorted. This was being held up for some time by a lack of radio stack. See panel page for more info on the radios! Here you can see the fuse block panel that swings down. It’s held up by a camlock to the back of the panel. The doublers on the sub panel are for the Blue Mountain autopilot controller. First time around, I mispositioned it. Hence the rows of extra rivet holes down the edges. Oops.

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