Aviation Furniture

I am now making bespoke aviation themed furniture for discerning customers. My methods try to preserve the original intent of the aircraft parts as much as possible. This includes patina, dings and dents, repairs, etc, to show that these are authentic parts that have lived a life of their own with their own stories.

My first piece is a large table made from a pair of Beech 18 wing flaps. One was fabric covered, the other metalised. I removed all the coverings, cleaned and polished the outer surfaces and fabricated a frame that utilises the original mounting points to the aircraft for authenticity and style.

This table is suitable for use as a large dining table, or a conference room table that can comfortably seat 14. The glass is 1/2″ thick, tempered, high clarity to help show off the structure below. Optional thicker glass is available at extra cost.

For more information, contact me by clicking here.

In the images below, you can see some of the process of designing and building the table above.

Fabrication and fit up.


Final assembly

Glass delivery.

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