2.5 hours

After getting back from a weekend in Chicago (went to see England play USA at footy, and see family), I went to the hangar to do some more console work. I got the thing trimmed up and had a go at it with some sandpaper. Now it’s time to start integrating it into the plane. I did a trial fit and trimmed it some more. It now fits in there quite nicely.

I also made the fuel pump cover. It’s basically the van’s one, but cut down to fit with the centre console. It’s also shunted forward in the plane compared to it’s ‘design’ position. Here, I’m fitting the sides to the console. I positioned everything in the plane to get the screw holes in the right place, then brought it all to the bench to work. Much easier!

I didn’t really get that much done today really, as most of the day was spent hangar flying! Then I went real flying with Cam. We went to visit Mike too, to see progress on the RV-10, and see how their new kiddie Ella is doing. She was sleeping.

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