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I stopped by the hangar as promised this evening on my way home, and sure enough, the part was ready! First I removed the front portion of the mould. It came off very easily. Next up was the harder part. I got the sides separated very easily, and I tried to break it free using the same technique as when I removed the mould from the plug. It wasn’t budging. I knew I had to free up the top surfaces, so I bashed them with a piece of wood. I could see through the mould where it separated. Then, I just rotated the mould off the part no problem! Amazing! This thing has turned out absolutley fantastic! All that work has finally paid off!

Here it is just after being born. Now you can see where I put micro! Stands out like a sore thumb! You can see the CF weave clearly through the thin layer of E-Glass that I used as the first layer.

The part is very stiff which is exactly what I wanted. The CF and the honeycomb paid off. It’s a lot stiffer than the mould where I used the fat mat as I call it.

A shot of the armrest portion. While the part came put pretty good, it’s not imperfection free. I still have a bit of filling and sanding to do, but not nearly as much as I expected.

I was amazed how light it was too. The mould is very heavy, but is also very resiny, which doesn’t help for lightness. When making the actual part, I was careful not to go too mad with the resin. Here it is on the scales. A whopping 3lb 10.25 oz! Sweet!

Now, I need to trim the part to size and prep it for paint and fit it into the plane. That’ll be a really dusty job. If it’s not fibres floating around, it’s dust!

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