After I’d done painting the panel, I started on the centre console again. First task was to wax it WELL. So, a couple of coats and a buff between each, and then to be extra sure, I got some PVA mould release and wiped the mould down with that. Now this thing should fall out of the mould when the time comes!

Next was to run some micro down the channels that will form the top edges of the part as it runs between the seats. I mixed some up and filled it all in. I tried to make the micro as thick as I dare to try to stop it running. It still dripped a little, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. It’s tough to see in the picture as the micro I laid in there is the exact same colour as the mould! Oh well, take my word for it. It’s in there! You may also notice the odd cleco positioning. One side seems to hold together by itself, so I figured the less clecos to glue up the better. I taped up the seams to stop resin falling in the gap.

While this was drying, I decided to paint the tailwheel spring and wheel assembly. They were quite rusty, so I got the sand blaster out and blasted the parts clean. The sandblaster works great, and if you use baking soda, is environmentally friendly to boot, so the airport manager can’t grumble. I used sand today though, coz baking soda is a bit milder an abrasive.

Here are the parts primed.

And final coat. These parts may ultimately change colour when I finally figure out what colour to paint the plane. This paint will help preserve the tailwheel for a while.

So, now the first load of epoxy has gone off a bit, I did some lay ups. Basically, I did all the corners with a couple of layers of fine glass, and the top faces with a layer. I’m still waiting for some S-Glass and some carbon fibre to show up for the structural part. The E-Glass makes a nice first layer as it doesn’t show through, and it forms easily to the contours of the part. Here’s the part with some lay ups in there, not that you can see it! See the roller trophy bonded to the worktable?!!

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