2005-04-18 to 2005-04-20

3 hours

Over the last couple of days I’ve stopped off at the hangar to wrap up the centre console mould. First I finished up the front half fibreglassing, then tonight the moment of truth arrived. It was time to remove the mould from the plug. First, I pulled off the front half. It came off pretty easily. Next was the rear half. This was a little tougher to remove, but putting the plug on the floor on it’s front end and holding it with my foot, then rotating the mould off the plug, it came off really well!

Incredibly, the mould surface looks great! There are a few small bubbles, but nothing major to worry about. Now all I need to know is whether I need to paint it or not before laying up the actual parts. Somewhere, I think  there’s a fibreglass tutorial video that someone has here, maybe Mike. Might be worth a look.

Here is the mould still on the plug, all fully laid up and cured.

Here’s the front half removed. So far so good! The white areaa are where a bit of paint came off the plug. Mebbe not enough wax there?!

And the rear half… Here the shot show’s the inside surface of the mould so you can see how it turned out. You can clearly see where I laid down the micro balloon mix to fill in the corners. There’s still a bit of paint that came off the plug in some of the corners, but I took that off after I took these pictures. I’m very happy with the way this is turning out after such a poor start to this part of the project.

So, my next task will be to clean this up and maybe paint it before laying up the actual console. After a lousy start to the day due to smashing my 1 week old RX-8 up , things started to go right again.

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