2 hours

Last night after football (soccer), I stopped by the hangar to lay up the final piece of fat mat to the large area of the mould. It didn’t take long. These areas use a heck of a lot of resin, especially with the fat mat! It really soaks it up!

Tonight, I checked up on the mould and all’s great! So, the rear part is now finished. Finally. Tonight, I trimmed up the front edge and taped it up and waxed it. Then I laid up the first layer on both sides of the front portion. I made the front overlap the rear slightly so I can cleco the two halves together. I also went to pick up this thing by the front face tonight and ripped it right off! Ooops! Well, I fixed that problem before laying up the side bits! I thought it was going to stop me in my tracks, but electrical tape came to the rescue.

Tomorrow, I’l stop by and maybe do a bit more glassing, but I need to take my Andair fuel valve with me to Sun N Fun for Andair Andy to look at. Seems my switch is off 45 degrees to the valve and no one knows why. Hopefully, actually seeing the offending item will help. That means the evening will be spent taking the fuel valve off the fuel pump assembly and the rest of the night will be spent packing.

Oh yeah, tonight I came to use my roller for glassing, and it was tuck to the worktable! Last night I cleaned it off with acetone and placed it on the worktable to dry off. Well, I guess there was some resin inside it or something, because it all seeped out and stuck the thing down pretty darn good. It’s still there now. I might leave it there as a momento! I think a chisel might get it off! Doh!

I also did about a half hour of wet sanding of the panel tonight before rivetting on the glovebox. I haven’t finished sanding yet, so not much to report on that yet.

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