6 hours

Today, I laid up the other big side of the mould, and reinforced all the corners. I added an extra layer of fat mat all over too, except for the big side I did yesterday, coz the other side needed to dry! All in all, the thing doesn’t look that much different now than it did yesterday, although progress is still good. Tomorrow night, on the way home from footy, I might stop by and lay up the final big side. Then I’ll be moving on to finish up the fron portion of the mould.

I was at the hangar for a while, and Cam came by and we flew over to Mike’s in Cam’s RV-9A. It was great! It was my first flight in a side by side RV, and I liked it a lot. At Mike’s I babysat while they flew Cameron’s radio control plane. Cameron is a new RC pilot, Mike is a seasoned vet. After I help Cam break in the engine, Mike flew the take off and got it high enough for Cameron to fly. Then Mike took over and made the landing…. Well, at least three of them… All on the same approach. Now I know how he maintains his currency so efficiently!

When we got back to YIP, I carried on with the fibreglassing. This sure is messy! There are strands of the stuff everywhere. Everywhere now has at least two layers of fat mat, except the back side in this photo.

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