4 hours

Today was the day where I was going to do this thing properly. I got to the hangar this afternoon later than I’d have liked, but I still made significant progress towards getting something done with this thing. I waxed the plug 4 times, and buffed it. It felt nice and slippery. I cut all the pieces of cloth and chopped strand mat that I’d need, then I mixed up some micro balloons in resin. Today, I decided to be clever and used the faster hardener. Turned out to help a lot. Reason one was that it made me work quicker, and reason two was I could lay up more layers in the same day, instead of waiting forever for the slow stuff to go off, this stuff was getting sticky in no time.

Once I’d put the micro in all the sharp corners, I laid up of the some fine e-glass over the top of it. I managed to cover nearly everything with two layers of this stuff, then I started using the fat mat as I call it. I cut the fat mat to be a bit smaller than all the sides, and splodged on tons of resin. The fat mat really soaks it up! The hardest one to do was the side, since it was such a large area, I had to mix up a lot of resin, and get the roller out to roll the resin into the mat. This was quicker and effective.

After the fat mat was down, I reinforced some of the corners a bit with some tape. I managed to do almost the whole rear half of the mould, bar one big side. Reason is, I need to lie the plug down to get the resin on nice, so I opted to do one big side today, and the other tomorrow.

All waxed up ready to go… There’s my old cardboard mock up in the background! You can see the fat mat too.

Next up was cutting the cloth and mat to the shapes I needed. This mat is blinkin’ ‘orrible!

Here is what I basically did today. Tomorrow, I’ll do the other large side. This is working out great! So, I’m really happy so far with the way this is turning out now. I was at an all time low after the last glassing session, but pulling it off prematurely gave me an insight into what it might look like, and new found confidence.

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