2.5 hours

Well, tonight on the way home from work, I stopped by the hangar to pull it all apart. Basically, I had it in my mind that I could take it off the form, lay up inside, and sand like hell to get the shape. Well, it wasn’t too hard to get off, which I must admit came as a bit of a surprise. Once it was off though, it was way too flimsy to really do anything with. Here, is a shot of it lying on the bench. I cleaned up the form a bit too!

So, next steps… I inspected the inside surfaces of the fibreglass and it actually came out pretty well. Well enough in fact to inspire me to go down the make a mould road instead of trying to short cut the job. I guess you have to try these things to learn right? Well, this is an experience for me, for sure. So, now I’ve cleaned the form, I’ll take it home, smooth it out a bit more in the corners where resin stuck a bit and then go for it big style. There’s gonna be a delivery of glassing supplies tomorrow from Spruce, we’ll be all set. Can you tell I have a new found confidence?!
I will also put down some resin into the corners with cotton flox in there to help get the corners right. Surprisingly, the corners weren’t really too bad, and I could live with them as they turned out. A bit of flox though will probably go a long way toward getting this thing right. Stay tuned!

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