2005-03-28 to 2005-04-01

6 hours

I’ve been making steady progress on the centre console for the last week in the evenings when I get home. I’ve been doing a bit here and a bit there, whenever I can. This bit takes a while, since I have to fill and sand, wait for it to dry and fill and sand again.

Anyways, tonight, I finished the main filling and I went over the whole part and put fillet radii on it. It’s starting to look pretty good. I also put the first coat of primer on it. This will basically show me where all the imperfections are so I can go ahead and fill and sand again! Arrrgh! How much more filling and sanding can there be? Even more I guess when I actually have a fibreglass part. Ugh.

Here are some shots of it in it’s current phase…

So, tomorrow, this primer should be dry. Then I can go ahead and fill all the imperfections, sand and give it another coat of primer. Once that’s done, I’ll get some better primer that will protect the plug when I lay up the mould.

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