2005-03-24 to 2005-03-27

4 hours

Over the last few days, I’ve been tinkering with the centre console at home. This has basically involved some filling and sanding, filling and sanding. Why do I get the feeling I’m going to be doing a lot more of this! I’m glad I ain’t building a Lancair! Nothing against Lancairs though, they’re gorgeous planes. Here’s a shot of the main body after some filling and sanding. Sooner or later, you’re all going to get board looking at shots of this centre console that all look the same, so I might ease off on the pics a bit!

I ran some filler down the edges of the top to taper them down to the next surface. This draft angle will help get it out of the mould, and make the centre console look a little beefier.

And the I did more sanding. I’ve recently done some more filler, but I believe that’ll be the last bit on the main body until I paint it and find more trouble spots. I’ll also nee to fill the part when I join all the major bits together. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the hangar to cut the rest of the pieces so it’ll all come together by the end of the week hopefully!

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