2.5 hours

Tonight on the way home I stopped by the hangar to check the console for fit in the plane. I had to trim a bit off the piece that is going to form the top, but not bad generally. The cardboard mock up and laying it out on CAD made all the difference. Once I’d got those bits done, it was time to go back home and carry on with the rest of it. My biggest issue here is that all my woodworking tools are at home, and all my aircraft tools are at the hangar! Anyways, here’s a shot of progress so far. Tonight, I got the tops on and started mounting the front lower piece to the main body. I figured out the mounting angles for the rear filler pieces, but I need to trim them a bit at the hangar before I put them on. My next task will be mounting the front upper piece, which will hold the trim indicators, cabin heat & park brake knobs. Once I have it all together, I’ll be doing a lot of filling and sanding to get this looking good. It’s not too bad in the raw, but will still need some dress up.

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