8.5 hours

Cameron was by today, so I took advantage of him by getting him to drive all the rivets for the turtledeck skin. This took us quite a while, with me inside bucking, and Cam driving the gun. Turned out pretty good. Fortunately, the other day, Cameron came by to paint, and I couldn’t make it coz of work. Well, he painted the inside of this skin for me, and the stiffeners, so that was a godsend. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have got this done today. Thanks again Cam! This pretty much concludes the back end of the plane. Next stuff to do here is the canopy track, but that’ll be covered in the finish kit. There’s still plenty of other fuselage stuff to come, I’m sure.

Here’s a shot from the front showing the stiffeners. I also mounted the magnetometer for the EFIS 1 for the final time while I was in there. See all the cushioning I used. It was actually quite comfortable, apart from aching arms reaching up with the bucking bar!

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