9 hours

Today was a fuselage day. Last night, I stopped by the hangar to measure up for a new center console design. Then, when I got home, I hit the CAD tube, and redesigned the console. Well, it looks like it came out OK…. Here;s the design…. Light grey circle is fuel selector, then throttle, then BMA remote keypad.

When I got to the hangar today, I made another mock up out of illustration board and foam board. Then I put it in the plane and set up the seats to see how comfy it’d be.

The plan is to have the lower front portion of the console connect in to the Van’s high pressure fuel pump covers, so it’s opened up to five inches. the console itself is four inches, which does push the seats out a half inch. I need to double check that this will be OK with my sliding canopy though.

So, next on my list was the fuel pump. Now this was a contraption! I’ve seen it on other web sites, and it looked like a bunch of tangled pipework. Well, it’s truly that! I struggled for a while, since my stupid pipe bender was only good for 90 degree bends. I went round to Mike and asked him how to do it. He got his bender out, and it did full 180’s! Perfect. No more struggling. Once all that was out of the way, it wasn’t too bad. Took a bit of time though to figure out lengths and such.

Here are some gratuitous shots of it in the plane. Upon fitting this lot together, it seems like my fuel selector is 45 degrees out of whack. The instructions say that the holes in the selector plate and the valve should align, but if I match the detents in the valve with the positions of the switch, it ain’t right. Not sure what to do about this yet. Maybe a note to Andy at Andair. The circuit breaker there just happened to be lying on the floor!

I also fabricated the fuel valve support. Made from the original Van’s parts, although I lowered it some, and cut away most of the original surrounding part. This whole area will be closed up by centre console.

So, in the shot below, the fuel valve is in the off position, and the switch is at the off detent. As you can see, it’s exactly 45 degrees off.

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