Here are the shots as promised of the centre console that I’m trying to develop. I’m hoping to put the throttle just aft of the fuel selector, and then also have my Blue Mountain Remote Panel in there too, mainly for the passenger if they’re a practiced pilot of course. I may put an arm rest in there too, with some storage. You need all the storage you can get in one of these things. The front will probably have a small panel that extends up to the main panel, and contain the pull cables for cabin heat and parking brake. It may also contain the trim indicators.

The throttle quadrant I’ve ordered will come from DJM Manufacturing. They look really nice, and I can get it engraved to suit our application. We only need two cables, prop and throttle, since we’ll be running FADEC. The two cables will pass by the fuel selector no problem, since it has an extension to the turn knob from the actual valve body. The throttle quadrant is about 4.25 inches deep, so it’ll fit perfectly above the spar.

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