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This web page is all about the building and flying of our Van’s RV-7. We ordered our quick build kit quite a while ago now, and have made significant progress (see the hour tally at the bottom). I’ve never really bothered with the creation of a website for our adventure, but I figure it might be worthwhile, especially now that Dave is living in Australia!

We started building the plane together in February 2002, when we received the empennage kit. I had the hangar for a year empty waiting to figure out what we were going to do for an aeroplane. There was a 4 year waiting list around the Metro Detroit area at that time, so I wasn’t about to turn down a brand new hangar at YIP! Dave left for Australia in December 2002.

I’d like to thank Van’s Aircraft for putting out such a great kit. Everything is going pretty well, and we’ve generally been pleased with everything we’ve received.